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Education News 2022


Education News 2022

Education all news,Mahtvana paripatro 22,Date :1/3/22 to 31/3/22 
The primary purpose for getting life insurance will always be to protect the people you care about in case something were to happen to you. How much capital would you need in order to pay off debts, support your loved ones, or to take care of all your affairs?

After you understand what priorities you would like to protect through life insurance it is fairly easy to determine the correct amount of coverage.

What Type Of Life Insurance

The next question is what type of coverage will best serve your needs. In order to get the right amount of coverage you also have to make sure that the premiums fit comfortably into your budget.

Term Insurance Benefits

Term insurance is less expensive than whole life insurance, because you are renting the insurance. Your coverage is considered pure insurance in this case, because it doesn't develop cash value or participate in company dividends.

Instead it allows you to get the right amount of protection for the least expensive premiums available. Term insurance has also developed over the years to offer more comprehensive options. You can get a return-of-premiums policy where you pay more during the life of the policy, but the insurance company refunds all of your premiums at the end of the fixed term.

There are also term policies that allow you to lock in your age and health for the remainder of your life, so that you can have the coverage and premiums locked in for the rest of your life. This is a great and inexpensive way to obtain permanent insurance.


In addition to the students who get admission in technical and higher education after passing Std. Gujarat to be the leading king of the country in the field of biotechnology. Establishment of research based Gujarat Biotechnology University by the State Government.

વર્ગ બઢતી વિશે ના નવા નિયમો વિશે સ્પષ્ટતા

Cover Story Water Conservation, Irrigation and Water Management As a result of important work of irrigation and water management, today the water storage of the progressive government under the leadership of Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has become watery.
વર્ગ બઢતી ના નવા નિયમો મુજબ મૂલ્યાંકન પત્રક ધોરણ 9 અને 11

Gujarat has created a revolution in the field of management only by making proper use of modern technology. Gujarat has implemented result oriented small, medium and large irrigation schemes.

ધોરણ 9 અને 11ના વર્ગ બઢતી માટે આજનો લેટેસ્ટ પરીપત્ર તારીખ ૭/૩/૨૦૨૨

Gujarat has shown the country and the world by using the innovative Sujalam Sufalam Water Conservancy Project how the grand campaign of water conservation can be carried out with the help of Jan Shakti. In the last two years, in the first phase, this campaign has made possible the storage of an additional 12.5 lakh crore cubic feet of water.

ઈનોવેશન ફેસ્ટિવલના આયોજન બાબત લેટેસ્ટ પરીપત્ર

Not only that, in the second phase, 11 lakh crore cubic feet of additional water tank opened a new direction in Gujarat. The campaign was joined by voluntary organizations, enlightened citizens, students, and the government.

શૈક્ષણિક વર્ષ 2021_22 માટે ધોરણ 9 અને 11 ની વાર્ષિક પરિક્ષા ની તારીખ ફેરફાર કરવા બાબતપરિપત્ર

In order to make the water problem in the Saurashtra region a thing of the past, this government has carried out result oriented schemes. By allocating a whopping amount of 15 crore for the operation of 12 packages of the second phase of Sauni Pojna, this government has taken concrete steps towards strengthening the irrigation system in no acre areas of 3 reservoirs.

વેક્સિન સર્ટિફિકેટ થી મુક્તિ નો પરિપત્ર વાંચવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો

Apart from this, four package works of Rs. 25 crore have been started for the development of the third phase of Sauni Yojana. The state government has taken a radical decision to provide subsidy of 50 per cent per hectare to farmers, 50 per cent to small marginal farmers and 20 per cent to farmers belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. F During the last 3 years, farmers of Gujarat have been cultivating almost even without season due to micro irrigation with less water.

PM POSHAN અંતર્ગત નવા મેનુ મુજબ ભોજન પીરસવા બાબત

Gujarat is at the forefront in the implementation of the Nal Se Jal Yojana recently announced by the Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi. Under this scheme, every household in Gujarat will get tap water at a cost of ૨ 40,000 crore in next 5 years. For this ambitious scheme, a provision of Rs. 200 crore has been made in the year 2016.

આજની બાયસેગ ના મીટીંગ ના મુદ્દા તારીખ 3/૩/૨૦૨૨

To solve the water problem, the state government has formulated a Reuse of Treated Water Policy in the coming years to meet the water requirement of the village water in the village, seam water in the seam and hazardous water in the field
એકમ કસોટીઓ વિશે ની ખૂબ મહત્વની સૂચના 3/3/2022

Your health is also locked in when you first take the policy out. Many people looking for insurance in their fifties or sixties are dealing with some type of medical condition that makes the cost of life insurance double or triple in cost. The same logic that applies to locking in your age is also good to keep in mind when locking in your health. We don't know what is going to happen to us, and if we have our insurance locked in then our insurability and premiums will be unaffected by a medical event.

In general, content push issues are ones that are difficult to present in a real situation, e.g.  The function of the digestive system cannot be shown in real terms.  Such thematic issues are turned into animations, giving the impression of a real situation.  This type of digital learning material that creates virtual reality is called e-content in the form of animation.  

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

ડુપ્લીકેટ સેવાપોથીની સૂચનાઓ પુન:પરિપત્ર કરવા બાબત લેટર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

ડુપ્લીકેટ સેવા પોથી બાબત પરિપત્ર


આચાર્ય (પ્રિન્સિપાલચાર્જ બાબત 14 જીલ્લાઓના પરીપત્રોની પીડીએફ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે નીચે આપેલ લિંક પર ક્લિક કરો

આચાર્ય ચાર્જ બાબત પરિપત્ર અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો.

🪜⏰✍️ *તા.૨૦/૦૩/૨૦૨૨ નાં રોજ હેડ ક્લાર્ક વર્ગ-૩ પરીક્ષા*

*⚔️⏳તારીખ ૧૦-૦૩-૨૦૨૨ નાં રોજ બપોરનાં ૧૪-૦૦ કલાક થી ૨૦-૦૩-૨૦૨૨ ના રોજ  બપોરનાં ૧૨-૦૦ કલાક દરમ્યાન પોતાનો પ્રવેશપત્ર - હાજરીપત્રક  (કોલલેટર) તથા ઉમેદવારો માટેની સૂચનાઓ માટે*



*💥૧૦૦% ઓફલાઈન શિક્ષણ બાબતે લેટેસ્ટ ન્યુઝ*

આજના ન્યુઝ વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

D.A બાબતનો પરિપત્ર જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

*🅾️શાળાનો સમય સવારનો કરવા બાબત પરિપત્ર*

શાળાનો સમય સવાર નો તા.11-03-2022 પરિપત્ર દાહોદ

*☺️ Good News...*

👌 હવે એફિડેવિટની કરાવવાની જરૂર પડશે નહીં.

✅ *હવે એફિડેવિટની જગ્યાએ સ્વ-ઘોષણા (સેલ્ફ ડિકલેરેશન) પ્રમાણપત્રથી જ કામ પતી જશે.*

*⤵️ વાંચો આ પરિપત્ર ⤵️*

રાજય સરકારની વિવિધ વિભાગો અન્વયેની આપવામાં આવતી સેવાઓ માટે એફિડેવિટની પ્રક્રિયા રદ કરીને સેલ્ફ ડીકલેરેશનની પ્રક્રિયા અમલમાં મૂકવા બાબત સામાન્ય વહીવટી વિભાગનો ઠરાવ.
🙏 તમારા મિત્રોને સેન્ડ કરો. 🙏

Important Links:

👉 વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

This type of content is found in many educational websites.  E-content in the form of animation is more explicit and effective than audio-video in the form of an e-content as it also provides an opportunity for the learner to interact.  This type of e-content is the study-teaching material given in the school in Gyankunj project and the material provided by C..Shala app

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