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Prathmik shala na Aacharya na charge babat: RAJKOT
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Mukhya Shikshak na charge babat Paripatra

Aacharya, A principal, headmaster, or school principal is the staff member of a school with the greatest responsibility for the administration of the school. School principals are learning administrators and administrative supervisors of their schools. 

They provide vision and leadership to all stakeholders in the school and create a safe and peaceful environment to achieve the mission of learning and educating at the highest level. They guide the daily business of the school and supervise all activities carried out by the school. 

Prathmik shala ma Acharya na charge babat Paripatra

They have the responsibility for all decision-making and are responsible for their efforts to raise the school to the best level of learning achievement for students, best teaching skills for teachers, and the best work environment for support staff. While some principals still do some teaching themselves, in most larger schools, most of their duties are managerial and pastoral. 

They are often used to discipline misbehaving students, help organize school-sponsored activities, and report to department heads. In Australia, the headmaster is sometimes in charge of one (in the case of a major subject) or several specific departments (often in smaller schools), such as English, history, math, science, writing, technology, etc., but maintains full teaching duties and status. 

Acharya na charge mate Shixako ni seniority ganva babat

They are considered part of the school executive, and the principal position is often a stepping stone to administration. In larger schools, the principal is assisted by one or more "assistant principals," "assistant principals," "associate principals," or "assistant principals." His position is secondary to the principal when it comes to school governance. 

Assistant principals generally perform specific tasks such as handling student discipline, curriculum, student council, or student activities, while the principal has ultimate responsibility for the school as a whole (including faculty and staff, physical plant, etc.). While there has been considerable anecdotal discussion about the importance of school principals, there has been very little systematic research on their impact on student outcomes. 

Mukhya shixak na charge Ange Paripatra
A recent analysis in the United States has examined how the achievement of student achievement changes in a school after the principal changes. This results-based approach to measuring the effectiveness of principals is very similar to the value-added model that has been applied to evaluating teachers. Such research in the state of Texas found that principals have a great impact on student achievement.

Effective school principals have been shown to significantly improve the performance of all students in the school, at least in part through their impact on the selection and retention of good teachers. Ineffective principals have an equally large negative effect on school performance, suggesting that assessment topics are as important to school administrators as they are to teachers. 

The impact of directors has also been measured in non-traditional ways. Some principals have focused their efforts on creating more inclusive schools for students with disabilities.


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