Assistant Education Inspector, Assistant Teacher Varg 3 Khatakiy Parixa 2021 Education Department Gujarat Education

Assistant Education Inspector, Assistant Teacher Varg 3 Khatakiy Parixa 2021 Education Department Gujarat Education

Assistant Education Inspector, Assistant Teacher Varg 3 Khatakiy Parixa 2021 Education Department Gujarat EducationEXAM DATE:- 17-18/08/2021


Important Notices for Candidates:
Forms sent directly by the candidate to the State Examination Board will be considered canceled.

The candidate should be included in the full salary in that category.Candidate has to send the application form to the concerned officer within the stipulated time limit indicated in the timetable.

Candidates have to send the application form signed by the head of the office to the concerned officer. .

Candidate will be able to use the books published by the government in all the question papers of this examination in the examination room. Xerox copies of government books publishad by government publications can be certified. Certified copies of resolutions / declarations / acts etc. issued by the Government from time to time may be kept with the concerned syllabusBooks / reference literature of private publications cannot be used which means that such literature cannot be brought in the examination room.

Such books shall be arranged by the candidate himself. This arrangement will not be provided by the State Examination Board. Of which special note.

Fees will not be refunded under any circumstances after the deposit in the departmental examination,

In many cases the number of opportunities for the examination is not shown in the form. Which must be accurataly displayed in the form. Forms with incomplete details will be subject to cancellation.

Psychiatric candidates should get the approval of the sitter from the head of the office.

Assistant Education Inspector Varg 3 Khatakiy Parixa

Writing skill is just a kind of conversation. When we write, we are talking to someone, butmost of the time that person is not in front of us. We often write to preserve a suggestion, anidea or a memory. Like, today I write myexperience in a diary, it is saved for future reading.As a teacher, we should introduce writing tochildren as a conversation. By the time they get into school, children havedeveloped the skills to communicate with people of different races on differenttopics. They have planted the seeds oflistener intelligence (i.e., what to talk to, how to get it done). Thisintelligence is very useful for learning to write.

But, now the children have to use it for adistant listener (readers). It depends on the teacher whether the children cantake the writing action in the way of addressing or saying something to someone.Let me make it clear that nowadays writing is taught. We are talking about something very differentfrom what is going on in the name of no. Millions of children are taughtwriting as a mechanical skill.How manyweeks does it take to do this? During this long period of time, there is no purposeleft for the child to learn to write. They consider writing to be an exercise or a ritual they have learnedfrom the teacher. Now, if we want to change this situation, we have to presentwriting as an extension of verbal communication.Will be useful for planning activities forwriting. Conversation gives us theopportunity to organize the details in front of an audience. As such, communication is very useful forlearning to write.




Helps Teachers improve their teaching, change and improve their classes, know different methods and activities associated with teaching and have experience working with children who know how to apply different methods to different contexts with a few changes. How to use. Let's find out from a language teacher what kind of understanding they expect from a language teacher.

Assistant Education Inspector Varg 3 Khatakiy Parixa

ONLINE FORM DATE:- 15/07/2021 TO 30/07/2021
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