Rules Of True Copy In Gujarat official parpatr

Rules Of True Copy In Gujarat official parpatr

Rules Of True Copy In Gujarat official parpatr

Rules Of True Copy In Gujarat official parpatr

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Rules made by the High Court under the power conferred by Article 227 of the Constitution of India
with the previous approval of the State Government, for regulating the preparation and supply of copies
of records of Civil and Criminal Courts by the copying agencies under the control of the District and
Sessions Judges and the Judge, Small Cause Court, Amritsar.

1. Short Title—These rules may be called the Punjab Civil and Criminal Courts Preparation and
Supply of Copies of Records Rules, 1965.
2. Definitions—In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires—
(a) “copy” means a certified copy of any record prepared in accordance with these rules;
(b) “form” means a form appended to these rules;
(c) “record” means and includes any portion of a record and any document, map, plan or other paper
attached to, or forming part, of the record of any suit, appeal, inquiry, trial or other proceeding in any
Civil or Criminal Court.
3. Persons entitle to obtain copies—A copy of a record shall be granted in the manner prescribed
by these rules to any person who, under the law for the time being in force, or under these rules, is

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any time after the same has been passed or made, but he shall not be granted copies of exhibits put in as
evidence except with the consent of the person by whom they were produced or under the orders of the



(3) Official letters shall be treated as privileged documents and copies thereof shall not be ordinarily
granted. Should it be necessary to grant a copy of a letter, or of an extract of a letter, received by a
subordinate form a superior officer reference shall, in every case, be made to the superior officer for
permission to grant copy thereof.
4. Supply of copies free of charge to persons accused or convicted and to public Officers—
Copies shall be supplied free of charge in the following cases:—
(1) If a person convicted in a summons case is in Jail and requires a copy for purposes of appeal or
revision he or his agent shall be allowed a copy of the judgment free of charge.
(2) Copies of judgment and other documents required to be supplied to the accused under Section
371 (see Section 363 of the new Code) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898, shall be prepared by the
Court Stenographer and supplied free of charge to the accused, after having been duly attested by the
Reader of the Court, in accordance with the provisions of the said Section. In Courts having no
Stenographers, such copies shall be prepared and duly attested by the Copyists and supplied free of
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