Latest circular regarding planning of second unit test of standard 9 to 12

Latest circular regarding planning of second unit test of standard 9 to 12

 The people of Gujarat, who are capable of overcoming any challenge, are standing on the side of the people.  At a time when this has become a global epidemic, the Indian government has taken a number of steps to curb the car virus in India.  Under the guidance of Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupasi and Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel, the Health Department has become equipped to deal with the car virus.  In Gujarat, special arrangements have been made at the airport or ports to prevent the spread of Cory virus. 

 Mandatory screening of all passengers coming from abroad.  In view of the potential danger of corona in the important hospitals of the state, a total of 6 isolation wards and nabibi staff are deployed. 

 The state government is taking the corona virus seriously.  Intensive measures are being taken to create awareness among the citizens about this disease.  Gujarat is playing an active role in fulfilling the commitment of Shri Narendrabhai Modi, the son of Panota of Gujarat and Prime Minister of Lokladila to make the country malnutrition free.  Gujarat has taken a step in this direction and started the project of foster parents.

  Recently, the Chief Minister had a sympathetic dialogue with the foster parents of malnourished children and encouraged them.  The role of women is important for the balanced development of the society.  Today’s women are advancing in every field.  The state government is promoting women's participation in development through gender budgeting.  Recently, under Gangaswarupa financial assistance scheme, Rs.  Assistance of Rs. 52 crore was deposited in the persuasive presence of the Chief Minister. 
 The Government of Gujarat has set another example of transparency and sensitivity with this innovative initiative.  Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment have been contributing to the GDP of Gujarat.  Gujarat alone accounts for 41% of the country's total pharmaceutical output. 
 The role of Gujarat was discussed in detail in the three-day seminar held on the potential in this field.  The present issue contains details of quizzes, discussions, thematic and budgetary matters during the assembly session.  

Women from all over the state will be satisfied to read the stories of the progress made in various fields and the social, economic and cultural introductions of Dahod district.  Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat .. Arica - Ashok Kalaria 

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