Pan card ko aadhaar card se link kaise kare in hindi -

Pan card ko aadhaar card se link kaise kare in hindi -


Pan card ko aadhaar card se link kaise kare in hindi - Ehubinfo

Hello friends, thank you very much welcome site today you'll learn Pan Card to link the Aadhar Card  how  do about it, you guys know will pan card and Aadhar Card is so important Docoments both well. How important is it to link Pan card to Aadhar card. You would know this better than me. Anyway, the Government of India has made it mandatory to link Pan card to Aadhar card.

નાણાકીય વર્ષ 2021-22 પૂરું થવામાં હવે માત્ર 3 દિવસ બાકી છે. આ 3 દિવસમાં તમારે ઘણા જરૂરી કામ પતાવવાના છે. જો તમે તેને નહીં કરો તો તમારે નુકસાન વેઠવું પડી શકે છે. તેમાં બેંકિંગ અને ઈન્વેસ્ટમેન્ટ સાથે સંબંધિત ઘણા કામ સામેલ છે. જાણો એવા 10 કામ જે તમારે 31 માર્ચ સુધી પતાવવાના છે.

PPF and NPS. If you do not deposit the required minimum amount, you will have to pay a penalty to reactivate it.


Friends, if you have not yet linked your Pan card to Aadhaar card, then after reading this post, you can very easily link your Pan Card to Aadhaar Card. If given, if you have not yet done, then you can link your Pan Card to Aadhaar Card.

Friends, it is very easy to link pan card to aadhaar card, in this I am telling 2 ways by which you will be able to link pan card and aadhaar card by following. Friends start step by step without any delay. 

First way Step 1. First you have to search by typing efiling in Google Search Box. Or by  clicking on  the link of ,  you will directly reach the home of his website.

Step 2. Friends, now you have come to his official site, then a friend will have a pop-up page opne in front of him. Click on Link Aadhaar in the left side 


Step 3 Friend, in this you have to fill your Aadhaar card, Pan card, Mobile number, and name etc.


Step 1. First of all you open the inbox of your phone. Step 2. Type a massage in it as given below. UIDPAN space aadhaar card number space Pan card number exm. - UIDPAN xxxxxxxxxxxx AZSDXXXX Step 3. Now send this massage to 567678. Step 4. Friends, you will now have a massage in which you will be told that your pan card has been linked to aadhaar card.

Happy friends, you have learned to link Pan card to Aadhaar card. Friends, if you are still facing any problem in linking the pan card with aadhaar card, then you must comment us, we will try our best to help you.

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