Shalama balako LC aapta pahela dhyanma levani babato

Shalama balako LC aapta pahela dhyanma levani babato

Shalama balako LC aapta pahela dhyanma levani babato

.In schools, children should check the school leaving certificate of a student from another school, such as verifying whether the school leaving certificate is from a registered school, verifying all the information in the school leaving certificate Verify the correction of the correction made in the drop-out certificate at the time of admission of the child. Verify that the student from another state has the signature of the competent authority on the back of the drop-out certificate. Also check the result of the child.

Care to be taken while admitting to school

Admission Process Approved only after getting the approval of the District Primary Education Officer after 31st July. All the process of approval for admission should be done by the school. Admission not on the basis of but on the basis of affidavit Admission to children who have attended primary schools but have completed their studies

Care to be taken when admitting

Admission of students who have not attended any school for admission to students who have failed in Std.

General Register Matters to keep in mind in the General Register Agebook

Certifying General Register Giving page number and giving certificate on last page Giving children's General Register number Wave Not making unnecessary entry in General Register Not using white male in General Register Not doing anywhere in General Register Correct details Written on the side If an error appears

General Register General Register Agebook

Do not leave vacancies in the General Register. Register the students in the General Register and note them on a daily basis. Record at home only after the original is received. Expect to get the original & C. After verification, sign General Register No. behind the card with standard admission date and principal's signature-coin.

If the details in the school leaving certificate are blank even after verification, the school leaving certificate should be noted. Do not speak in person. General Register Compulsory to write in English. If writing in Gujarati, also write in English. Insist on filling up the form from the parents in time. Date of inspection at the end of the year in the general register. Class teachers should make all the notes in the attendance register in the general register. Not to amend the General Register on the basis of affidavit and evidence

Things to keep in mind before getting a school leaving certificate

LG should not be issued without application. The head teacher in primary school may charge the applicant for verification of LC. In secondary and higher secondary school, the principal or the person authorized and approved by the board of directors may issue within seven days of receipt of the application. If every other irregularity is Rs

When issuing school leaving certificate for extraction as per age note, note it in the general register and sign the principal along with the date. Sridevi School Leaving Certificate of Rs. 5 can be issued to the parents of the child or a child of the said age in each case from the first time onwards.

purpravesh - lc - gr.pdf. . 4G 4G îl :9: 03 (!). vº 4G, 40 LTET Other school maintenance documents 8 All school maintenance records and registers must be up to date. To keep various dead stock registers ready. (E.g. dead stock registers for library, laboratory, furniture, computer, consumables etc.) Secondary and Higher Secondary time schedules should be different.

According to the allotment of hours, each teacher should have done the teaching work and the notebooks should be ready. (E.g. essay book, experiment book, map book, picture book etc.) and which should be checked periodically. Adequate care must be taken to ensure that useful teaching aids are used properly in the classroom.

1 year 2017-18 result sheets and all the bases of FA and SA for school comprehensive assessment should be prepared. Other documents to be maintained in the school should be updated by the service book of all the employees till July 2018. Attendance forms for each class should be prepared. (Including daily note book) Attendance sheet of school staff, daily note book of teachers and log book of principal should be ready. If there is any special contribution made by the school in the educational and co-educational activities, the report along with its photograph should be prepared. Have a record of student benefits. (E.g. Scholarship, Vidyalakshmi Bond, Incentive to Girls, etc.) = Information regarding students' UDISE ID, Aadhaar number and bank account details should be updated in the school. Grants for Granted Schools, Grants Memo, Expenditure Accounts etc. must be submitted. []


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