BADLI NIYAMO 2022 | Summer Vacation 2022

BADLI NIYAMO 2022 | Summer Vacation 2022


Summer Vacation 2022: Many state governments have declared summer holidays in schools, due to which the schools are going to be closed. Summer vacations are being announced ahead of time this year so that corona infection can be controlled. See which states have just announced summer vacations.


Summer Vacation 2021: In view of the uncontrollable corona infection in the country, most of the states have decided to close their schools and colleges and have also postponed the board examinations. Now many state governments have declared summer holidays in schools, due to which the schools are going to remain closed. Summer vacations are being announced ahead of time this year so that corona infection can be controlled. See which states have just announced summer vacations.

Holidays in Delhi till 09 June
In view of the increasing corona cases in Delhi, the Directorate of Education has declared summer holidays from April 20. The holidays were earlier to be held from May 11 to June 03, but to prevent schools from becoming corona hotspots, holidays have been declared from April 20 to June 09. During this, there will also be a ban on online classes in schools.

Holidays in Haryana till 31st May
Haryana Education Minister Kanwar Pal has released information on Twitter that all the schools in the state will be closed for summer vacations from April 22 to May 31. He said that despite the closure of the school, the teachers had to come to the school. It is the responsibility of the government to take care of the health of the children as well as the teachers, so the summer vacations in schools have been done in advance.

Summer vacation will remain in Rajasthan till June 06
In view of the increasing corona infection in the state, Rajasthan Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasara has directed that all schools will have summer vacations from April 22 to June 06. However, he has asked the teachers to be in alert mode during this time as duty can be imposed in the emergency service of teachers...

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Holidays in West Bengal till June
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee had announced summer vacations in the entire state on April 19 itself in view of the increasing cases of infection in the state. He said that summer vacations are being announced in all schools till June. West Bengal was the first state to announce early summer vacations.

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