Agnipath scheme in defence|

Agnipath scheme in defence|


Agnipath scheme in defence||

 The Government of India is coming up with a formidable scheme

 Will be able to give 3 years service in Indian Army

 If the service seems appropriate, you will get a job in the army

 The government is ready to announce a new scheme called Agneepath Entry Scheme to reduce the cost and age profile of defense forces.  Under which the youth will be able to join the army for three years and serve the country.  Top government sources said that the youth will be able to enter the army through the Agneepath entry scheme and will be known as Agniveer during their tenure in the army.

 Will be able to serve in the army for 3 years

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 The military is making a final presentation to the government on the program.  Among the firefighters will have the option of retaining the best talents in the army and leaving the rest of the civilians for jobs.  The corporate world is also in touch with the government to hire military trained youth.  The entry cycle for soldiers in the armed forces has been severely curtailed in the last two years due to the Corona epidemic.  At present, there are 1.25 lakh vacancies in the security forces, according to records.


 Changes may occur in the recruitment process

 The outline of the final plan has not yet come to light.  The basic deadline is to bring in soldiers for both general and special duties for a fixed period of three years.  This will be a change in the system before permanent recruitment in the Armed Forces, in which soldiers serve for different periods of time.  There will also be a lot of catchment areas for recruitment.

 The army will help the trained people for employment

 At the end of three years, most of the soldiers will be released from duty and the Armed Forces will help them find opportunities for further employment.  Corporate companies are showing interest in providing jobs for such trained and disciplined youth who have served their country.

 If the service is selected, the job will continue

 Preliminary calculations by the Armed Forces estimated the savings in salaries, allowances and pensions to be in the thousands of crores.  The best of the youngsters recruited as firefighters will have the opportunity to continue their service with the vacancy.  It will be announced by the government soon.

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રાજ્ય ચૂંટણી આયોગની મોટી જાહેરાત

 2000 ગ્રામ પંચાયતો પર ચૂંટણી યોજાશે

મતદાર યાદી સુધારણા કાર્યક્રમ શરૂ થયો

 24 જૂને પ્રાથમિક યાદી જાહેર કરાશે

 7 જુલાઇએ અંતિમ સુધારાવાળી યાદી પ્રસિદ્ધ કરાશે  

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