Vanchan, Ganan, Lekhan Mulyankan mate nu 10 marks nu Format

Vanchan, Ganan, Lekhan Mulyankan mate nu 10 marks nu Format

Vanchan, Ganan, Lekhan Mulyankan mate nu 10 marks nu Format

Vanchan, Ganan, Lekhan Mulyankan mate nu 10 marks nu Format

"Dad, this calculator is broken. Please bring a new one." - The son said to the father with a look of frustration and anger.
"Hey! I just got a new one. So soon… And yes, this year this third calculator is broken. Use it with a little care, son. If it's repaired, we'll get it done." - Dad spoke with disgust.

"Repair? Hey Dad, what do you want to repair too? Now a new one with new technology has arrived. My friend has brought it. You can bring me the same new one."
"But son, if the repair is done ..."
"No ... no ... no ... bring me something new. I don't have to repair anything."
Just sitting at a friend's house. I witnessed the father-son dialogue then. However such incidents are now becoming commonplace. This problem is found in most families. Today’s child is raised between facilities and amenities. Most of the time he didn't see much or nothing. Common qualities and values ​​such as contentment and frugality could not be inculcated in children for any reason. Run without a hitch; All of this is now rarely seen in a child.
There was a time when frugal education was instinctively available to children from the very beginning. The home and the social system were such that the children could learn all this instinctively. Today we have run blindly towards materialism. Dwelling on material happiness becomes nature. And that's why today's child doesn't get anything; Losing something makes you lose patience. The child loses mental health. The negative consequences of which have to be borne by the society from home.
Let's make children responsible for the little things. Let's make children mentally healthy.

Just happened to be on duty by bus during election duty. After a long time, I had to sit in the bus. Now it rarely happens to travel by bus. However, it is true that I do not know how to travel by bus. Instructions written in Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation bus, notice I saw and read all this. There are also many memories associated with this bus.
This government bus is the essential and main means of transportation at one time. This bus also goes on the rough dusty road to the village of Chhewada. On the narrow road, the bus was slipping and slipping in the branches of the tree. This bus is the main means of transportation for the people of Chhewada village to the nearest town. Students, this bus would be a blessing for a sick person. Have a definite bus arrival and departure time. Experience says that the bus often arrives late. Often I had to return if the bus did not arrive, despite a long wait. Sometimes the bus breaks down on the road. The conductor signs the ticket. This signature is a license to travel on another bus with the same ticket.
Sitting in this government bus going to nearby Kheda town. This bus is the only way to buy big and small house, to go to and from school, to go to the fair or to go home to mama on vacation. It was fun to sit in front of the driver's cabin and watch the driver drive the bus. I came home and imitated him. The bus is very crowded. Sometimes you have to travel by hanging and sometimes you have to travel standing up. If there is a dirt road, the bus stops in monsoon. We had to walk to a nearby village and catch a bus.


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Vanchan, Ganan, Lekhan Mulyankan mate nu 10 marks nu Format
        The instructions and notices written on the bus are so memorable today. 'Smoking is forbidden.', 'This seat should be vacated for women.', 'For MLAs', 'For the disabled' - all this is just as fresh today. I remember sitting in the notice of 'Motor Vehicle Act ...'. Gokhai read every day. Memories with this bus still linger in childhood.
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