Download Detail Answer From Statement OF divybhaskar News

Download Detail Answer From Statement OF divybhaskar News


Download Detail Answer From Statement OF divybhaskar News

Dry fruits are rich in nutrients, this is the reason why health experts also advise eating dry fruits. Taking cashews, almonds, pistachios, and walnuts together provide all the nutrition together. Along with this one feels energy throughout the day, relieves fatigue, and avoids diseases. But have you ever thought that even expensive dry fruits are fake and we eat them easily? But how do we know whether the dry fruits we eat are genuine or fake?

Question: How do identify fake and genuine dry fruits?
Answer: For this follow the tips given below

The color of fake dry fruits is darker than the natural color.
If raisins, figs, and pistachios are hard to chew, it means that the dried fruits are either old or kept at high temperatures.

Smell the dry fruits before buying them, smell alone will tell if the dry fruits are good or bad.
Question: If you find that the dry fruits you have bought are fake, how can you complain to the shopkeeper?
Answer: If we have bought dry fruit after seeing the FSSAI logo and license number and it turns out to be fake. Like, it rots, smells, tastes bitter when eaten, or feels hollow inside. Then in this situation you can complain directly in the consumer forum. So the complaint of counterfeit or adulteration can be made under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India i.e. FSSAI Act. However, you cannot go directly to the Magistrate for this.

We understand this from the example of dry fruit. If the dry fruit is fake or adulterated then you have to go to the food safety authority by taking a sample. There has to be a written complaint that the product you are buying is fake or adulterated. The authority will send the lab to get it checked, the warrant will be issued against the shopkeeper as soon as the report is in your favor.

ગુજરાતી સમાચાર વાંચો

Question: Does every city have a food safety officer?
Question: Yes, there is a Food Safety Designated Officer present in every city. Their work is both inspection and investigation.

Question: If dyes are being used on clothes in dry fruits and people eat these dry fruits, can there be any symptoms?
Answer: Dr. Mohammad Talha Noor said that eating these types of dry fruits will not cause immediate symptoms in people, as it acts like a slow poison. Also, depending on people’s age, immunity and how much they are consuming these dry fruits, how much they will be harmed and how much will not be harmed.

Question: After how many days after eating dry fruits made with dyes for coloring clothes, damage occurs?
Dr. Mohammad Talha Noor says that people who eat these dry fruits every day may develop problems within 1-2 years. Such people should always take the doctor’s opinion.

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