STD- 10 & 12 Results can not be viewed online

The board Exam of Std. 10 and 12 have not been held for the current year so the understudy doesn't have his own seat number. As he doesn't have the seat number, the understudy can't see his outcome online this year, however the understudy will get the outcome just through the school. 

Classes of 8th and 9th standard of 9 schools of Porbandar district with less than 50 students were merged. Porbandar! Will remain. In this regard, the District Education Officer or Std. 9 and D Kansagara in Porbandar district said that two teachers have to be stopped in the classes of 6 schools which have less number of students than 20 in the classes of 20 to 5 so that the classes have been merged. However the burden on the government also increases. Some of the merged schools are in the range of 5 km against the merger and the political leaders who have protested and merged with the school have demanded reconsideration from the new semester. The standard 5 course will also be started in these merged schools so that the students do not have to move away. This decision of 14 schools of Porbandar taluka, Ranavav or the government has included 4 schools of district taluka and 3 schools of Kutiana taluka chairman of executive committee. However, in all these Manjuben Karavadra and taluka schools, the education of protest standard has been started as per the routine by the former president of standard 1 to 8 panchayat. Political leaders protested against the merger

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Academic work started online by SP University પગલે For the fourth semester of PG, the semester examination of the university has been postponed for the time being due to the increasing transition to Corana and 4,6 at the undergraduate level. In order to start university-run post-graduate departments, academic work has been started online in the departments and university affiliated Navgujarat Samay> Anand College. In which Sardar Patel, a graduate from Vallabhavidyanagar and the first semester of the postgraduate level semester examination is being conducted online by the university, the fourth semester at the postgraduate level has been postponed due to increasing transition of corona. Now the university and the undergraduate level fourth and sixth postgraduate departments and the academic work of the semester has been told to start further in the online university affiliated college. So that the semester course has been started online and the students' course has been circulated in a timely manner. With the completion of the prescribed time frame as well as the internal examination which can be held at that time. S.P. Given the situation, the online university will be next to the affiliated college and the graduate department to be organized in post or offline mode. The academic work of the semester has been started online and the Vice Chancellor of the University has been made, so that the time can be completed, said Dr. Shirish Kulkarni.

Ahmedabad: GSHSEB students who came to GSHSEB were able to get 9 marks out of 30 marks in the SSC examination this year. The names of about 15,500 students, some of whom got 9 marks out of 30, have been singled out. A large number of children’s marks have a ground difference in the face of this kind of inequality in the board exam performance. The students were forced to perform very well in the internal examination of the school's state board of education. So the result of their board examination given by the school is irregular in the weak internal marking system. If 21 grading marks are required, the possibilities can be checked. Discussion of students such as SSC - Consideration Board The attention of the Board during this period was of internal marking to such education officers. These students have been ordered to submit 30 marks out of 50 in the report internal mark soon after conducting the assessment given by the school.

exactly to the site of Corona, the circumstances in the federation has changed. right and proper to the leeway that the transition of teachers may increase, the transition may increase. The director was misrepresented on 30-11-20. Corona's explosive position caused the camp to swing adequate to assume into credit approximately suggestions a propos the camp. According to the Director of essential Education, Gujarat maintain Teachers' Union, on the 8th, millions of teachers in the state-run were deliberate to postpone and on the 24th, a turn over camp was organized. Fluctuations are core completed entirely over the express by the Gujarat imperial core Teachers' Union on behalf of the campo. selected suggestions were in addition made. Requested. At the unchanged time, if the corona's guidelines are violated, the camp is conducted by a schoolteacher from a teach to the drill inspector, and the halo transition is liable to contain locate at the sway and rule camp. Is possible to grow. The challenge has been prepared to deposit the camp congested or for round about argue to be blocked at Camp Dabhan in lengthy Kheda borough if the teachers' union is on abandon for particular time. Which has been made by the borough in this regard. Instructing not to allot supplementary in Kheda constituency as well, the present initial instruction bureaucrat Kamlesh Patel was asked about the sincere acclimatize of the aura virus to be detained at Dabhan CRC, he said, this is the camp. exactly to the prospect of this transition, the irregular campo is now body adequately instructed by the government government. demand to be postponed has move toward on 7-11. subsequently that added in a row about these camps bottle be seen on the 20th in Patan, Aravalli district. Camps across the official as for each this instruction, Dt. 12- level anywhere camps are held, further are to be organized. But auxiliary the changes from the correspondence of tuition 11-20 dated. Action will be full according to the aura transition as the teachers gather. near is a fate of likelihood between 9-11-30 and 20-11-30.

In the principal cycle 7075 seats of MBA and 3530 seats of MCA became vacant, fees be inflicted with to be compensated by 27th 2498 students in MBA and 1171 students in MCA bear been admitted, second spherical will be on track after 27th for 10 thousand unfilled seats Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad MBA - MCA Out of a sum of 18.2 seats, 3 seats in the head round Proceedings are underway for allowance of admission to students in MBA-MCA colleges of the state. Importantly, the seminary has not been chosen uniform partly of the seats that might be full at present based on the equal fine given. Is one of individuals who enclose been admitted. Importantly, not as several students will urge admission as at the bring to an end of the round. That seat will furthermore reduction uncomprehending in the number one round. Thus, 20 seats are free in MBA. In the originally round, the amount of seats for admission is estimated to strengthen to additional than 6,000. Members of the admissions agency receive been allotted, they had to reimbursement a fee. According to well-chosen satisfying today, the authoritative proclamation has been prepared for the series of allocation of colleges on the foundation of benevolent a deadline of 9th for the after that 9th. This deadline is followed by another. A full-blown of 6 seats will be apprehended in MBA. At present, out of the origination of proceedings for the encircling agreed by CMAT, action will be full just for the students in 3 seats. Admission is introduction to a standstill, but in the launch days, a overall of 12,208 MBA seats in the formal include fallen vacant. Students who get 4 seats accessible in the institution at what time this seat becomes blank today. In the alike way, out of 201 seats in MCA, students who own not known CMET, in the equal way, for ration of admission to 1191 students in 3 colleges in MCA, by registering separately, admission formula for 301 seats has be converted into vacant. Thus, action has to be taken.

sort to merge schools with a lesser amount of than 50 information in adjacent schools. module of Std. 6 and 7 of 21 schools of Morbi constituency carry out been shifted to next schools. In schools with open conveniences in Std. 6 and inside and in the fascination of Std. Students, supplementary conveniences in the fringe of Std. 6 and 7 classes, subject teachers in Std. 6 to 8, Std. 1 to Std. .2 and 3 commands to merge in the most important school. In sale to merge the schools with the group of the learning sector for the purpose, in Morbi district, out of 21 schools, 12 in Morbi taluka, Tankara drive has been in progress anywhere streamer 9 and 8 are in equally talukas, 8 in Wankaner taluka and fewer than 20 in higher key standard. Malia taluka has 5, and Halwad students own subject teachers and further number. Therefore, these 31 schools got the gain of Std. 9 taluka 9 schools with the resource of whole 21 schools and neighborhood primary allow been shifted.R.T.E. instructions give birth to been issued.
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